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Supporting Unlock
Supporting Unlock


Supporting Unlock - Prayer



The next Prayer letter will be issued towards the end of 2018.

Meanwhile there is a list of current prayer needs (below) and answered prayers (on the right).


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Current Prayer needs:-

  • Sufficient finance for 2019 and beyond
  • The development of our partnership with the Bible Society.
  • The development of our partnership with the Estates Evangelism Group.
  • Finance to allow us to establish more Unlock Local partership projects in new locations.
  • A turn around in London walk income - declining since 2014.
  • The touring of the 'Bible Women' cartoons that they may generate good conversations and questions.
  • Explorations towards new Unlock Local Partnership Projects in new locations.
  • Unlock Discipleship Development workers, Phill James in Byker and Walker, Lynette in Hastings, Siggy Parratt-Halbert in Woodhouse Sheffield, Sharon Jenkins in Cardiff.
  • For Kevin and Jenny who staff the Unlock National office
  • Unlock Birmingham; Queen's Foundation partnership and the Methodist Deacons in training with whom we are working
  • Saltley Trust partnership and our planned work in Birmingham with a particular emphasis on the use of social media. Finding the right person for the paid role.
  • The walk planning team, and National Office staff as they prepare for the 2019 London walk.
  • The churches that will be on the 2019 walk route.
  • Improved walker turnout and walk income in 2019.
  • More Unlock supporters using e-mail and internet to help us keep our costs down.
  • Walk income has dropped for the last 4 years running. We really need to see this turn around.
  • The legacy of Unlock's work in Glasgow, Newcastle, Bristol, Burnley, Benwell and Liverpool.
  • Independent groups using Unlock resources across the UK.
  • Emerging indigenous leaders released and resourced by Unlock's approach.
  • Opportunities to provide Unlock Training.
  • Unlock Local Support Group Co-ordinators; Phil Medley and Stephen Herbert, (Newcastle), Jen Bradshaw Chanatall Noppen, and Steve Elstob (Sunderland) Bill & Joy Bullin (Hastings), Debora Marschner (Sheffield), Andy Dorton (Hull), Bex and Rachel in Cardiff.
  • Facilitating local partnerships that generate tangible and robust legacies.
  • Preparations for the next Unlock National Gathering for Unlock workers, Council members & Unlock Local Teams in the autumn of 2019.
  • Follow-up from our strategic review in 2017 pursuing the vision of Unlock as a “tacking yacht”.

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Sketch - Unlocking the door

Sketch - Unlocking the door



Sketch - Unlocking the door


  • 2018 walk income of £25,589.
  • Making it through the tough years following the 2008 recession.
  • Unlocking real life stories of urban people, Revealing Good News of the down to earth Christ and Releasing life changing skills and confidence since 1972.
  • Unlock workers Phill James in Byker and Walker, Sharon Jenkins in Cardiff, Lynette in Hastings, Siggy Parratt-Halbert in Woodhouse Sheffield.
  • The churches in Tottenham that supported Unlock by being open and welcoming walkers for the 2018 Unlock London Walk.
  • The churches in Moreton, Merton and Wimbledon who are preparing to welcome Unlock London walker in April 2019.
  • Consistent & generous financial support from faithful personal donors and churches - in spite of these uncertain times.
  • Financial support from the Bible Society, Trust Greenbelt, St Peter's Saltley Trust, Church Urban Fund,the Spring Harvest Charitable Trust, the Anchor Foundation, the Slavanka Trust, Rebecca Hussey Book Charity, the Cadman Charitable Trust, the SMB Charitable Trust.
  • Ongoing partnerships with The Bible Society, Estates Evangelism Group, Church Army, UTU, National Estate Churches Network, The Queen's Foundation, the Saltley Trust, and the Lindisfarne RTP,
  • The impact of Unlock in Bristol, Liverpool, Sunderland, Hull, Sheffield, Burnley, Benwell and Birmingham.
  • Unlock Local Teams in Sunderland, Cardiff, Hastings, Newcastle, Hull, Sheffield and Birmingham.
  • New Unlock resources for website.
  • The necessary resources to pursue networking oportunities and develop mutually beneficial relationships/partnerships with other urban mission agencies.
  • A Volunteer who has typed up 'vintage' resources so that we can make them more widely accessible.