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Unlock Woodhouse (Sheffield)

Siggy Parratt-Halbert is the Unlock Woodhouse worker. She began her work in March 2016.

Siggy has developed and delivered Unlock workshops around the themes of hospitality and migration and an art project on the theme of Bible Women. She has worked on developing supportive and creative connections between the church, the community and local tradelspeople. she has developed relationships with local homelessnes and addiction projects and has developed a resource on Homelessness.

Exciting developments now in Woodhouse Sheffield.
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Steve Millwood was the Unlock Sheffield Discipleship Development Worker and now volunteering as a local Unlock Consultant for North Sheffield where he has been working with local small groups. He developed 'Crucible', a resource based on Sheffield's steelworking industrial heritage. Steve has provided Unlock taster/training sessions in North Sheffield during 2011 and is also developing work which facilitates local communities exploring their community stories, and comparing them with stories in the Bible.  Steve's work is supported by the Unlock Sheffield Local Team.

Steve uses Unlock approaches in leading worship in his local church. He also used Unlock approaches at a Diocesan Development Day, and in a Diocesan vision building event, 'Transformation Summit', using the DVD, 'The Man Who Planted Trees', http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aQI5dF-1I6U&feature=related

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white hot motlen metal in a crucible


Unlock Woodhouse, Sheffield
Mobile: 07956741588

Steve Millwood
Steve Millwood

Former Unlock Sheffield Worker (now a voluntary consultant)

Telephone: 0114 243 4948

Mobile: 07906662343

disused power station cooling towers at Tinsley Sheffield