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Our Workers
Our Workers

In Hull...

A number of churches, individuals and groups in Hull have attended Unlock training and are using Unlock approaches to Bible engagement, including 'Mess Mistakes and Muddling Through', our resource on parenting in the Bible.

We will be exploring how to develop more Unlock work in partnership with local people in Hull during 2019.

Our work in Hull is supported by the Bible Society and by Hull Community Church.

Fiona Smith was appointed as a worker for Unlock Hull in December 2006. Fiona worked with the Unlock Hull group to deliver a series of Unlock events in Hull during 2007 and 2008. She completed her paid employment with Unlock in December 2008 and is now a member of the Unlock National Council.

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In September 2007 Unlock Hull ran the first of their series of 'Unforgotten'  events, inviting local people to share, and reflect on, their first hand experiences of the summer floods, in relation to God's word.

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cardboard model boat

Sketch - Unlocking the door