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Our Workers
Our Workers

Unlock Byker & Walker, Newcastle Upon Tyne
Phill James is the Unlock worker for Byker and Walker. He is working at local lunch clubs and coffee mornings in the area.

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Mike Atkinson was an Unlock Benwell worker from 2013 until the end of 2015. He is still engaged in Gospel sharing in Benwell.
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You can see some of the work of Mike Atkinson, former Unlock Benwell worker, here :-watch?v=aoKjUfLZTgs




Unlock Byker and Walker Worker
Phill James
Tel: 07954 813275
e-mail: newcastleproject@unlock-urban.org.uk

(Phill is currently on sick leave - please contact the unlock office to leave a messag ready for his return to work 01142939060 office@unlock-urban.org.uk)

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Byker Estate, Newcastle Upon Tyne

Mike Atkinson, Former Unlock Benwell Worker.

Photo taken at Cornerstone