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All About Unlock
All About Unlock


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Unlock@50 - Birthday Celebrations

Who are we?

Unlock is a non denominatial Christian charity that was founded in 1972. It exists to support urban churches of any denomination in responding to the oportunities and challenges in their areas. We are especially concerned with facilitating Bible engagement within 'traditional tabloid' ('non-book', 'oral learners', or 'text-shy') cultures.

What do we do?

As well as deploying Unlock Local Partnership workers to enable local Christians to reach and engage their communities, we provide training and publish a variety of group Bible study packs. 'Unlock more than you think' and 'Unlock DIY' will give you more ideas about using Unlock’s methods.
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What don’t we do?

We don’t offer pre-packaged answers. Each community has to work creatively within its own unique situation, and we offer to support and resource that process. What we do will depend on the need being felt. We’ll try to find someone from our team of workers to work with you!

Gorleston Church - course in progress

Back in February 2020 (which seems like such a long time ago now!) Unlock' Chief Officer, Dawn Lonsdale, was interviewed on BBC Radio Norfolk by Kirsteen Thorne. The interview expains what Unlock does and how we do it. You can listen to it here.

Unlock Stories -

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Sketch - Unlocking the door
Sketch - Unlocking the door
Unlock, by various names, has been around since 1972, trying to help (mainly) urban Christians to understand and share their faith appropriately. Our life experience matters; our stories; our joys and sorrows. The Bible has plenty to say - more than we'll ever know - about our lives if we know how to read it and apply it... if we know how to UNLOCK it!

Evangelism is social action because it is changed people that change the world - John Stott.

A story from Liverpool:-

title: It's Not My Fault

The group told stories about situations when they had been blamed for something someone else did, we then watched a video of the crucifixion (have a look: youtube.com/watch?v=sGXI0L0ula0). As it finished two group members were sat teary eyed and deeply moved. At which point someone else said, 'The bread smells ******* great, I'm getting it out!' Despite this seemingly divided reaction, the time eating what we have cooked actually provieds a space for reflective discussion, and eating the food means that the more dominant chatty participants make room for others to talk! So as we chewed it over (sorry!) it became clear that it was the first time that any of the group had made the connection that Jesus was taking the blame for them.

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